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Salt and Pepper Grinders: The Key to a Great Dish and A Great Sausage Recipe 0

“This stuff tastes great! What’d you put in it?” 

You may have experienced that glorious moment where you’ve tasted what may as well be the best dish on earth and you can’t help but ask why it tastes so good. What is that key ingredient or ingredients that makes that mouth-watering dish so appetizing? Or why is it that when you make mashed potatoes and steak or grilled vegetables it never tastes that good?

After suddenly asking such a question, you’re answered with a simple reply.

Salt and pepper.

How To Properly Measure Freshly Pepper Milled Peppercorn 0

Measuring Freshly Ground Pepper

When you look at a recipe in a book you will often see that many common recipes call for freshly ground black pepper. Unfortunately they do not always specify the exact amount. You may be told to simply “sprinkle” some freshly ground pepper or even “generously season” a piece of meat with pepper. What exactly does that mean?

The Potato Kugel - Potato's and Freshly Ground Pepper are a Match Made in Heaven 0

A kugel is a traditional Jewish dish similar to a quiche but without the cream. Fresh ground pepper gives this kugel its punch. It reheats well, and you can pack leftovers for a healthy brown-bag lunch.

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