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"I can pour the peppercorns in without sending a shower of sneeze-inducing balls onto the floor."

"I have seen Ina Garten and Jacques Pepin use this peppermill for ages and always wanted one. It makes a nice grind, easy to adjust the coarseness. And, honestly, the best part is that it is self contained and doesn't get pepper all over the counter or my lazy susan where I keep it."

"The side grinding knob is also much more comfortable than the typical vertical one. I'm buying another PepperMate to use for salt, since it's definitely the best grinder I've used."


We been put to the test Pepper grinding test and crushed it.

Every pepper mill of ours is built with the best materials and thoughtful design


Easy to use handle

Bottom measuring cup

Precise adjustable grind

Large spice capacity

Lifetime warranty

Other mills

Awkward top grind handle

No measuring cup

Can't adjust or poor adjustment

Small spice capacity

30 day warranty

How to properly measure freshly pepper milled Peppercorn

When you look at a recipe in a book you will often see that many common recipes call for freshly ground black pepper. Unfortunately they do not always specify the exact amount. You may be told to simply “sprinkle” some freshly ground pepper or even “generously season” a piece of meat with pepper. What exactly does that mean?

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The Daily Grind -
Our Humble Beginnings

We've been grinding since 1982! A time when graffiti adorned the subways and crime was high. BUT an appreciation for gourmet cooking was slowly seeping into the old-fashioned kitchens of New York.

Indeed on June 25th 1982 The New York Times ran a story about Pepper Grinders. It was written by the famous French Chef Pierre Franey. The entire article was dedicated to our world famous PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill. It was a revolution in home cooking and even the experts agreed.

"A new pepper mill has just been introduced on the market and it is one of the best I've come across. Called PepperMate, it is a sleek and beautifully designed model about six inches high, attractive and easy to operate." - Pierre Franey NYT 1982.

Since then, we have moved with the times and elaborated on the utility, style and usefulness of our product lines. We like to claim that we gave the daily grind a whole NEW meaning!

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