"Many of the mills on the market - including even the classic wooden pepper mill - turn out to be little more than decorative" - Pierre Franey NYT 1982

On June 25th 1982 The New York Times ran a story about Pepper Grinders. It was written by the famous French Chef Pierre Franey. It discussed a common problem of cooking recipes calling for freshly ground pepper and home chefs not having access to those important spices. This entire article was dedicated to our world famous PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill. It was revolution in home cooking and even the experts agreed.

"A new pepper mill has just been introduced on the market and it is one of the best I've come across. Called PepperMate, it is a sleep and beautifully designed model about six inches high, attractive and easy to operate." - Pierre Franey NYT 1982

Established in 1982 we have carried out our mission in allowing people to easily dispense gourmet freshly ground pepper. We have moved with the times and elaborated on the utility, style and usefulness of our product lines.  Our team of designers and product developers all appreciate the fine art of gourmet home cooking and we do not take this task lightly. Every product we produce always has to answer these key questions.

  1. Is there a common household cooking issue it addresses?
  2. Does our idea exceed the industry standards?
  3. Is it easy to operate, clean and maintain?
  4. Does it enhance the home cooking experience in both utility and visually?
  5. Would we use it in our own home?

Only after we address these critical questions with honest and thorough answers will we proceed with our development. All of our products and solutions convey professionalism, expertise, experience and common desire to provide gourmet meals at home. No longer do you have to make reservations at 5 star restaurants in order to experience the robust blend of balanced flavors in a gourmet meal. With PepperMate you take a step in the right direction by easily dispensing one of the most desirable and common ingredients.

"PepperMate Easy to use, Easy to Clean, Lasts a Lifetime."