Do the names Pierre Franey and Ina Garten ring a bell? Join the list and be like a celebrity chef at home. They have all used PepperMate. See what they have to say about peppermate and why you should try it. Trusted by professional Chef's worldwide and specially available for you.


Pierre Franey Describes the Best Pepper MillPierre Franey (1921 - 1996 ) - A French Chef known for his Cooking shows and his contributions to the New York Times and the cooking world. Here is the original article he wrote in 1982 describing our Traditional pepper mill. Simply click on the image and read for yourself.




Cooking Lights PepperMates Great Pepper MillIn 2010 Cooking Light ran a wonderful promotion on Ceramic Pepper Grinders and Mills. Our Traditional Pepper Mill was used as their inset image describing some of the best pepper mills on the market.

Rachel Ray's Best Pepper Mill ComparisonIn 2007 Our Pepper Mill was featured in Rachel Ray's "Every Day With Rachel Ray" magazine as one of the top 5 Pepper Mills available on the market. As the rating states "Easy to refill; good for high volume grinding; catches grinds in a detachable base."


Cooks Illustrated compares the best pepper millsCooks Illustrated's article called "Are All Pepper Mills Created Equal" was quick to point out that the answer is no. "Some have large capacities, are easy to fill, and grind fast and furious. Other models are worthless for kitchen use."  

Cooks Illustrator's tester went on to say "Huge opening makes this pepper mill easiest of all to fill. Among the fastest pepper grinders. RECOMMENDED."

Fine Cooking Article on High Performance Pepper Mill

Fine Cooking tested our Pepper Mill in an article titled "In Search of a High Performance Pepper Mill." Sara Jay goes on to describe our Traditional Pepper Mills in the following statement "Of the pepper mills I tested, there was one hands down winner in this category: The PepperMate. It has a snap off lid that opens to a 2 1/2" by 1 1/2" void, plenty of room to fill pepper. The PepperMate offers everything I want in a pepper grinder:

 - a sensible, comfortable design.
 - a strong, sturdy constructions so that the peppermill lasts a long time
 - a way to adjust the grind from fine to coarse and an efficient pepper grinder"  

Ina Garten Says that the two most important ingredients in a meal are "salt and pepper" Ina consistently uses PepperMate on her Food Network cooking show. See the video below as Ina relies on PepperMate's Traditional Pepper Mill to spice up her meal in "Ina's Perfect Roast Chicken."