How To Properly Measure Freshly Pepper Milled Peppercorn

Measuring Freshly Ground Pepper

When you look at a recipe in a book you will often see that many common recipes call for freshly ground black pepper. Unfortunately they do not always specify the exact amount. You may be told to simply “sprinkle” some freshly ground pepper or even “generously season” a piece of meat with pepper. What exactly does that mean?

Most home cooks would agree that when it comes to pepper, they are not pulling out a measuring cup or measuring spoons to determine the amount of pepper to use in a recipe. Using salt and pepper in a recipe is one of those things that most people just kind of leave up to chance. But you may be depriving yourself and the folks you are feeding by not putting enough seasoning into your dishes, or on the other hand, adding too much. Measurements like “sprinkle” don’t exactly help! The taste test doesn’t always work either. If you are cooking with raw eggs or meat, it’s not a good idea to taste your recipe before it is fully cooked.

A really easy way to measure the amount of ground pepper in a recipe is to count the number of rotations used. Try grinding out one or two rotations into a bowl and measuring the output. For example, if five turns of the grinder equals one teaspoon, you will know that’s the amount you are adding. You can, in turn, experiment with your recipes so that you know exactly how spicy your steak should be and then add the pepper accordingly.

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