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What Pepper Mill does Jacques Pepin use and why

Is cooking your passion? If you’re like other passionate cooks, then you know that a splash of the best freshly ground pepper is one of the essential ingredients in your kitchen spice rack. However, the best way to enjoy fresh pepper is with the right grinder or pepper mill.

The Peppermate Pepper Mill opens up an aromatic flavor in ways that no pre-ground substitute can. In addition to salt and ground pepper, the PepperMate Pepper Mill will add some serious features to your spice grinding. This is why shoppers like Chef Jacques Pepin prefer using this pepper mill.

But why should you grind pepper while you can quickly get pre-ground pepper?

Although pre-ground pepper can help to save time, freshly ground pepper will yield more flavor. You will only need to purchase whole peppercorns and grind them when you need them. Keep in mind that the flavor of peppercorns is contained in the walls. Therefore, when you ground them and bust those walls, the volatile oils will get out, and they may lose their flavor over time, just like coffee.

Oxygen reacts with the flavor compounds in the pepper. Therefore, the longer the pre-ground pepper sits, the faster it loses its flavor. This is the reason behind the dull quality of typical supermarket jars. You will never know how long ago they grounded it.

Additionally, the oxidation of pepper flavor compounds can lead to the loss of some health benefits from your pepper, including helping your cardiovascular system and fighting infections. Grinding your pepper immediately before you prepare your food reduces the time the pepper is exposed to the air, and this allows it to maintain its peppery flavors.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Pepper Mill Grinder

If you’re used to buying pre-ground pepper, there are several reasons why you should start grinding your pepper in a grinder. Some of the health benefits of grinding your own fresh pepper include:

Cancer prevention properties

According to a recent study that was conducted by the University of Michigan Cancer Center, peppercorns contain a chemical compound known as piperine that can help to prevent breast cancer. It does this by stopping the formation of tumors. While more research on this is still ongoing, existing research has proven that peppercorns can help fight cancer, especially when combined with turmeric.

Aids in digestion

Consuming ground pepper increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid within the stomach, and it assists in digestion. This helps to prevent some stomach problems like intestinal gas. Additionally, hydrochloric acid promotes urination and sweating, which help in the elimination of toxins. This acid also forces the gas downwards and prevents gas buildup in the upper part of the body, where it can strain the chest cavity and other organs. What’s more, it helps in expelling the gas naturally.

Contains antioxidant properties

Ground pepper is a powerful antioxidant, and it can reverse damage caused by free radicals that lead to cancer, liver, and heart problems. Besides, these antioxidant properties can help protect your skin and body from other potential health issues and reverse the aging process.

Fighting cold

Pepper contains chemicals that can trigger a runny nose, which naturally decongests the respiratory system. These chemicals do this by irritating the mucus membranes. Therefore, it can effectively clear your stuffy nasal passages and blocked nose. According to Science Daily, you should use a dash of your ground pepper in chicken soup to clear the cold.

Contains antibacterial properties

Ground pepper helps to ward off some infections, including those that are caused by insect bites. Additionally, it helps to clean arteries by eliminating the accumulated cholesterol from the artery walls. This helps to improve your heart health. You can also apply it topically on your skin to naturally eliminate toxins. However, be careful when doing this because some people have skins that react to pepper.

Why Does Chef Jacques Pepin Use the PepperMate Pepper Mill?

The PepperMate Pepper Mill is a sturdy, handy, and well-designed device that is a must-have in every kitchen. It has a compact and rugged design, and it features a ceramic grinding mechanism and a hard plastic housing. In addition to these wonderful qualities, celebrity chefs like Jacques Pepin prefer this mill because:

It’s easy to load

PepperMate’s loading hole occupies the width of the entire gadget. This is especially beneficial to cooks who lack good hand-eye coordination. Because of the large loading hole, you can pour your peppercorns without spilling them on the floor.

Customers like Chef Jacques Pepin appreciate this feature because it serves two main purposes. For starters, it makes it easier for you to pour the peppercorn and other spices into the PepperMate Pepper Mill without making a mess. The second main reason is that you can use it to grind other larger products like coffee beans that smaller pepper mills may not allow.

Has an adjustable coarseness setting

Another reason why celebrity chefs like Jacques Pepin use the PepperMate Pepper Mill is because it has an adjustable setting that allows for coarse and fine grinds or in between. As a foodie, you will sometimes want to try crunchy flecks of your pepper. At other times, you may want smooth grinds that can disappear into the dish you’re preparing. The PepperMate Pepper Mill allows for a wide range of coarseness, and each setting produces a uniform grind.

Most standard grinders have a twisting and untwisting metal knob to grind the pepper. However, this is an inaccurate method of adjusting the coarseness levels because you won’t be able to determine how far you should twist the knob to receive your desired grind. The PepperMate Pepper Mill has an adjustable setting functionality that makes it easier to choose the grind you want. You twist the adjustment nut to the range you want.

Precise and keeps things tidy

If you previously had to measure your freshly ground pepper, then you know it can be a tiresome task if you’re using a standard pepper mill. However, the PepperMate Pepper Mill solves this by grinding directly to the chamber attached to the base. This clear plastic cup is both a catcher and a measuring cup. Therefore, you will be able to easily remove the cup and scoop the contents from the container with a teaspoon or pour it directly into your dish.

For these reasons, if you’re looking for a pepper mill that can help you to measure exact amounts of your freshly ground pepper, consider the PepperMate Pepper Mill. What’s more, because the base is designed for easy removal, you can choose not to use it directly to grind your pepper. Instead, you can grind your pepper over a plate or bowl if you don’t want to measure.

This pepper mill gets more bonus points for keeping things neat. Some chefs note that it doesn’t leave any stray pepper on the counter after setting it down. Also, it’s easier to refill than other standard pepper mills. Although the coarseness adjustment knob may be a bit confusing when using this mill for the first time, it quickly becomes intuitive. The coarseness settings on this mill also offer different levels of consistent grinds.

It can grind other products

While it is referred to as the PepperMate Pepper Mill, you can use it to grind more than just pepper, including coffee beans. You can also use the coarseness adjustment settings to change from coarse to fine. Being professional foodies, chefs like Jacques Pepin know that they could use this pepper mill to grind other ingredients.

It has a ceramic blade

Unlike other grinders with a typical stainless steel blade, the PepperMate Pepper Mill comes with a ceramic blade. This means that it won’t get dull quickly like other metal counterparts, which explains why the grinder has a lifetime warranty. After all, who would offer a lifetime warranty for products that will break quickly?

The ceramic grinding mechanism also comes in handy when using the grinder to grind other ingredients. Because it’s non-corrosive, you can rely on it not to rust, and it won’t absorb tastes from other spices. This helps to preserve your flavors regardless of the herbs or spices you’re grinding.

It’s manually operated

An expensive battery-operated pepper mill may look fancy and worth it because of the way it nicely grinds pepper. However, it will take about a million batteries to keep your pepper mill running, which isn’t practical. Eventually, you will have to shelve it. To avoid incurring ongoing costs, the traditional PepperMate Pepper Mill is a good alternative. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly.

It’s trusted by several celebrity chefs

The PepperMate Pepper Mill is trusted by several reputable chefs in the industry, including Ina Garten and Pierre Franey. It has also been showcased in the New York Times, the Food Network, Cook’s Illustrated, Fine Cooking, Every Day With Rachel, and Cooking Light.

How Does Jacques Pepin Use the PepperMate Pepper Mill?

There are several pepper mills in the market today, which makes it a daunting task to choose the right one. However, now that you know why many celebrity chefs use the PepperMate Pepper Mill, the next thing is to learn how to use it in the kitchen to prepare delicious meals. Here is how to use the PepperMate Pepper Mill like Jacques Pepin:

Filling the mill

The PepperMate Pepper Mill is easy to load. Unlike standard mills with small openings and protruding metal rods, this one has a big opening. To fill your mill, take off the top part and fill it with peppercorns. As you will realize, the PepperMate Pepper Mill can hold more peppercorns than other pepper mills, which means you will refill less often.

Adjusting the grind

Whether you’re mid-cooking or just refilling, you can easily adjust the PepperMate Pepper Mill grind. After filling the mill with peppercorns, use the nut on the top to adjust the coarseness of your grind. Turn right for a fine grind and left for a coarser grind.

Using the mill

The mill has an easy-to-turn knob on the side, and the level of coarseness you choose won’t change as you grind. Turn the knob to grind your peppercorns.

Measuring your pepper

For the best result when cooking, you want to measure all your ingredients. The PepperMate Pepper Mill has a clear cup at the bottom that has measurement markings for specific amounts.

Tip: 5 turns is a quarter teaspoon

Cleaning the mill

To clean the PepperMate Pepper Mill, simply use a paper towel or dampened cloth to wipe off the spices. Dry it thoroughly and don’t immerse in water.

Add Class to Your Kitchen with the PepperMate Pepper Mill

If you love cooking cuisine-like meals, then the PepperMate Pepper Mill will be a great addition, and it will enhance the style and class of your kitchen and dining room. This mill is a preference for most cooks and foodies, especially because it is used by many celebrity chefs.

Whether you're cooking at home or in a high-end restaurant, you can use this mill to grind fresh herbs and spices to enhance the texture of your food. You can also use the PepperMate Pepper Mill to add some style to your kitchen by using it in front of those you're cooking for. Most chefs like Jacques Pepin grind pepper and other spices using this mill in front of their guests when requested. This uniqueacrylic mill also has a modern look and can be used in any kitchen.

You will be motivated to prepare new dishes when you see the mouthwatering herbal flakes on your vegetable salads and seared steaks. After all, if you care about the food you cook and eat, won’t you want the best flavors with the wholesome herbs? Use the PepperMate Pepper Mill to prepare mills that look like they came right from a magazine or a high-end restaurant.     


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