PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill White

PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill White
PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill White
PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill White
PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill White
PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill White
PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill White
PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill White



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The PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill is made of the finest materials and assembled with precision and care to provide years of trouble free dependable use. The ceramic pepper mill is adjustable to any size, fine to coarse. Grinds any dried spice or millable ingredient up to the size of a coffee bean. The removable clear bottom cup underneath the pepper grinder conveniently catches fresh pepper grinds.

PepperMate's Traditional Pepper Mill Features:

  • 5.5" Inches Tall & Made Out of Versatile Corrosive Resistant Ceramic.
  • Easily Adjust Between a Fine and Coarse Grind Up to the Size of Coffee Bean.
  • As seen on the Ina Garten Cooking Show.
  • PepperMate's Lifetime Pepper Mill Mechanism Warranty!

The Daily Grind - Our Humble Beginnings

We've been grinding since 1982! A time when graffiti adorned the subways and crime was high. BUT an appreciation for gourmet cooking was slowly seeping into the old-fashioned kitchens of New York. Indeed on June 25th 1982 The New York Times ran a story about Pepper Grinders. It was written by the famous French Chef Pierre Franey. The entire article was dedicated to our world famous PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill. It was a revolution in home cooking and even the experts agreed. "A new pepper mill has just been introduced on the market and it is one of the best I've come across. Called PepperMate, it is a sleek and beautifully designed model about six inches high, attractive and easy to operate." - Pierre Franey NYT 1982. Since then, we have moved with the times and elaborated on the utility, style and usefulness of our product lines. We like to claim that we gave the daily grind a whole NEW meaning! Relish the Grind & Savor that Flavor! Everything About Freshly Ground Pepper Just Pops Pre-ground pepper is about as fresh as the 50-year-old dried flowers on your grandmother's dresser. Instead, add a zing to your food by grinding fresh peppercorns. Close your eyes, and that grinding sounds like crackling logs on an open fire. While the dark, spicy flavor warms you up like a whisky on a cold winter night. So cozy and so satisfying - pre-ground doesn't even compare. Invisible to the naked eye… Although you can’t see it, you’ll definitely smell it. Your daily pepper grind exposes volatile oils and a spectrum of flavors into the air, taking you straight to food heaven. But, Peppermate is about MORE than helping you cook gourmet meals at home. We believe delicious meal times can become your warmest memories and cooking at home builds lasting culinary connections. Passing down recipes punctuated with flavor will create an unbreakable bond for generations to come. Science shows that smells have the power to trigger intense emotions of love, nostalgia, and comfort. They can even send our minds reeling back to memories that were long-forgotten. This intoxicating effect begins with aromatic spices and seasoning that remind you of home! It is time to create your legacy with signature dishes that will last long after the plates are cleared.

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Just what I wanted

I first saw the peppermate being used by someone on a YouTube video and couldn't wait to buy one. There are many things I like about it. It holds a large amount of pepper, the grind is adjustable, and it is easy to use. I also like the bottom cup for measuring out what is required. I am very pleased with this purchase and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this pepper mill.

Christopher Bauman
Grinds too fine

While the grinder is very easy to use, even after adjusting to the course setting the pepper is ground too fine.

Penelope Bravo

Great product

Julia Sullivan
Excellent products!

Our entire extended family is obsessed with these pepper mills! We love cooking and find that our ability to season everything we make has improved. The grind on the salt and pepper is the perfect texture. Customers for life!

Cindi Baxter

I was expecting something more than a piece of plastic that felt like it was gonna break if you twisted the grinder